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02.04.2011 05:43

My Wednesday in the city was pretty much about just enjoying the fact that I'm here! Here are some snapshots.. The place to be: Sockerbit on 89 Christopher streetLunch at Le Pain 

Good morning..

15.02.2011 15:11

... PUERTO RICO! It is definite! Tickets are bought and we are going. I cannot wait!!!

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06.02.2011 09:04

Spotted on Park Avenue: Will Ryman's "The Roses" Today's lunch (visit Macaron caf on Madison Ave) Louis Vuitton goes safari

Growing chef?

27.01.2011 18:08

Since I'm not cooking in my own kitchen, I really appreciate that Katrine willlet me cook and eat with her in her apartment. I've even done my dishes there!! Thank you, dear. Yesterday we made an amazing dish; salmon with vegetables and potatoes and a delicious homemade sauce. We didn't have much ingredients, but we managed...


31.10.2010 05:11

...I promised you to post a picture of how I looked like last weekend, since no one of you have actually seen me for a while. As I said, I went to the city with Ingvild and her boyfriend Richard, having a good time. We dropped by the famous Apple flagship store on Fifth, which is actually really cool (outside..). (Look at t...

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03.10.2010 17:35

Some, out of many, pictures from our day in Washington D.C Capitol World War II Memorial in front of the Lincoln Memorial Ingvild and Washington Monument The American Red Cross museum The White House (note the snipers on the rooftop) Me in front of the Golden Statue on a pillar U.S. Capitol Streets of Washington

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18.09.2010 16:52

Both: inside St. Patricks Cathedral - beautiful, but hard to catch in a lense. Must be seen with own eyes! Gail is showing off in Central Park Really cool interior at Juicy Coutures flagship store! Til mor: herlig se blomster og liv i gatene, tenkte p deg :)