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Once Upon a Time

21.01.2012 01:51

A short update from today, it has been a nice, quiet and relaxed day for me. Still on sickleave with pneumonia and bronchitis from work, so I slept late and got up to see it was actually nice and sunny outside(even though it was still -6...)! So I enjoyed a longyummy breakfast in the living room enjoying the sunshine coming...


23.12.2011 12:01

So as I have written before, a couple of weeks ago we had some friends over to visit us from Malta, none of them had seen snow before and it was their first time being in Norway too! So we were quite lucky that the first snow actually came just the day before they arrived óż The first evening was spent at my sisters house, ...

From the Skies

08.12.2011 01:27

Yesterday the snow finally decided to arrive, all of a sudden in the middle of my lunchbreak from work I saw the well known white, cold fluff falling from the skies again and by the time the evening came all the houses, trees and streets were covered in snow ♥ After being away from the minus degrees, cold, ice and win...

Skulls and Ruffles

01.11.2011 22:27

I think I've become obsessed with Polyvore lately, so much pretty stuff there! But then much way too expensive stuff! But a girl has to dream, and right now I'm dreaming about all of these pretty fall and winter glovesand pretty skull rings ♥

Winter Ahead

31.10.2011 01:07

I've just been browsing around for wintercoats, last year here in Malta someone stole my favourite black peacoat while we were out! So I have a good excuse to be looking for a nice new wintercoat, ecspecially when in only 3 weeks me and myboyfriend are moving back to Norway after 1 year and 3 months livinghere.Some of these...