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Use Amazon account login to third party sites

30.05.2013 05:56

Amazon called "log cheap oakleys in with Amazon" (LoginwithAmazon) of the new service, allowing it to 200 million active users to use their Amazon account login applications, games and cheap oakley sunglasses websites. The service support OAuth2.0 authentication framework. Amazon, "said Amazon login" service will help devel...

First Google goggles cost $ 1500

20.04.2013 15:10

Google promised last week, Google goggles "seeker" will ship within 1 month to the hands of developers. On Monday, Google to the Google goggles seeker send message to all stakeholders that have been part of the product line, is about to oakleys Seeker Google glasses for sale at $ 1500. Google goggles team said in...