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I look forward to iOS7.0

30.05.2013 05:54

After leaving Apple, father of oakley sunglasses cheap iOS, iOS update cheap oakley sunglasses 7 to guess a lot, a popular view is that Apple is about to give up, "proposed style" to oakley sunglasses sale learn from Microsoft's "flat thin" style of interface. In my opinion, this view is not crazy: A proposed style cheap oa...

Evernote CEO: the upcoming "fantastic hardware device"

20.04.2013 15:09

Evernote CEO feierlibin (Phil Libin) said Tuesday at Japan Summit in Tokyo to participate in the new economy (New Economy Summit), told reporters: "Evernote will soon be published by the company and of its partners for certain hardware devices, and the company will one day developed hardware devices. ?cheap oakleys Libin sa...